Video Games

A friend lent me the video game Madden 2009 that I have played on Xbox 360 over the last few days. The first thing I noticed is that Brett Favre is on the cover. I found this interesting because Favre announced his retirement a few months ago and then came out of retirement and changed teams. The jersey he is wearing on the cover is the incorrect jersey of his current team. I then checked to see if he is in the game and after and concluded that he is not after looking on every team and in the free agents. So the creators put a player that is not in the game on the cover assuming that strategy would help make the game more marketable. Anyways (in relation to the narrative), I was curious to see if the commentators would mention Brett Favre. I played the next game with the Green Bay Packers (his team) and did not hear the commentators mention his name at all. It was all about the new quarterback. I thought this was interesting because I figured that they would mention it several times.

I also tried to figure out a way in which I could get a different kind of response from the commentators than there usual programed opinions and play by play. I decided to pick the same defensive play every time for the entire game. However, the narrative was pretty much the same from the game before. One of the commentators even said, ” The defense has tried many different things trying to stop the Raiders on third down but not much has worked.” This quotation was striking to me because it is completely false. I did not try any new plays or options on third down because I picked the same play every single time. I thought it was interesting how the game is programmed for the commentators to make specific comments depending on the teams and score of the game, but they could not pick up on something as simple as picking the same exact play every time.

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