Lost episode

I thought that the Lost episode was mostly mimetic. The events were showing. For example, the first two shots are shots of Mr. Locke lying down. There is blood on him and he appears hurt. The next shot is of a woman screaming and immediately we learn of the predicament that the characters are in because of the mimetic construction. Most of the characters have blood on there face and we learn of the plane crash in the beginning. It also background’s the main character’s (i forget his name) role by providing the information of him being a doctor and how he was born into a family of doctors.

For this episode, the story world is the island that they are on and the events that take place. First they have some arguments about what to do with the bodies of the dead. The next event involves them panicking over the fact that they need to find food. Three of the characters than go and hunt and they face adversity with the wild animals and environmental elements which leaves them injured. While this is happening, the main character is trying to comfort the woman who is in a state of shock over the plane crash and the separation from her husband. All of these events are part of the story.

The narrative is the process and the way of representing the events. For example, the director uses flashbacks to introduce us to Mr. Locke’s character and constantly uses medium shots of him laying down on his back with his feet closest to the camera. The narrative introduces the conflicts and finds ways to keep the viewer interested in the narrative by building suspense before commercial breaks.

The plot is what is told. The plot is a type of story. The plot was dealing with the many adversities that they have encountered from the plane crash. I think there are two sub plots. One involves the characters trying to find food by hunting and fishing and the difficulties they encounter. The second one is dealing with the deaths of the other members of the plane and this includes the memorial service and the burning of the bodies.

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