When I was struggling with mental health in my junior year, Professor Povitz saw me aimlessly wandering down the history hallway and invited me into her office even though we had only met once or twice and I had never taken a class with her. She let me sit in her office to just take a breath and didn’t make a big deal out of the whole thing. She continued working on her laptop, let me sit in silence, and offered me a chocolate bar. An entire chocolate bar!!!!!! This small act of kindness was one of the few highlights of the roughest month I’ve ever experienced at Middlebury, and I imagine that students that get to interact with her in a larger capacity benefit from her presence even more. What would Middlebury be without her kindness and brilliance? 

Pim Singhatiraj ‘21.5


Professor Povitz is more than just a teacher, she’s a role model to many students across the Middlebury community. Students look up to her because she cares about people, building community, as well as her academic work. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Professor Povitz in the Project Based Learning community where she consistently demonstrates her openness to continuous learning and pedagogical improvement. I hope Professor Povitz will be teaching at Middlebury for many years to come. 

Kathlyn Gehl 2021.5 

general, Professor Povitz's Courses

Professor Povitz is a wonderful professor. I had the opportunity to take “American Radicalism” with her last Spring (2021) and am currently enrolled in her class with Professor Mao on American Freedom. Not only is she an enthusiastic professor, who brings her own lived experience into the classroom, she also compiles GREAT syllabi. Readings from her class have stuck with me, and I think back to the important topics we covered often. I loved her selections so much that I started forward them to my dad, who read some of them with me and still recommends Professor Povitz’ selections to his own friends. 

As an individual, Professor Povitz is an example of kindness, generosity, and connection between the students and faculty. I was going through some intense personal challenges last Spring, and, upon receiving my Dean’s email, was the only professor I had that reached out to me to check in. She listened with patience and understanding and followed up later in the semester as well. It’s rare to find professors who take an active interest in their students the way Professor Povitz does. She is not afraid to initiate, support, and actively encourage her students.

Lastly, Professor Povitz is the club advisor to my aca pella group. She loves student activities on campus, and wants to be involved. She’s the only faculty/staff member to ever attend a performance in my four years at Midd. I cannot emphasize what an asset she is to the our small community, and Middlebury is at risk of loosing a beloved star professor

Alex Sipos, 2022

Building Jewish Community, general, Supporting Queer Students

To whom it may concern,
While I never had the chance to take a course with Professor Povitz, she played a formative role in my personal growth as a queer Jew while at Middlebury. She is thoughtful in ways most other professors are not. She has pushed me to think critically about the world and my place in it. For that I am grateful. It would be a grave mistake for Middlebury to not offer her a tenure track position.
Matt Martignoni

Matt Martignoni ‘21.5


I have never personally had a class with Professor Povitz but I have seen the ways she has deeply impacted my friends and peers and she is an essential part of this community. 

Phoebe Brown 22.5


Though I never had a class with Professor Povitz, I had the pleasure of learning from her…a true testament to her engagement in the Middlebury community. In my time at Middlebury, I grew to know her as an avid supporter of student voices and an advocate for equity. Professors such as professor Povitz, so giving of their time and energy to students who are not in their class, are few and far between. She is the embodiment of the liberal arts curriculum that the College champions — I fondly recall running into her at late night lectures hosted by departments far from her own. Professor Povitz is a professor who makes Middlebury the great college it is. Without her knowledge, enthusiasm, and mentorship, the college will suffer a tremendous loss.