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“Proceed as the Way Opens”

In this course, through a series of assignments and revisions, students will write personal journey narratives that fuse objective observation and exposition with strong narrative and subjective experience. Readings will include works of literary travel writing, chapters and essays, in print and online.  For final projects students will write about a journey they take during the semester.  Since writing and multimedia go hand in hand, students will learn audio and video digital skills, working with Adobe Premiere Pro.  In addition to their writing, they will produce a 2- to 4-minute digital rendition of some aspect of their project.  Essays and videos will be published to the Web on a class website. And final video projects will be shown publicly at 51 Main at the end of the semester.

(Students will need a laptop, camera, and a small hard drive to house Adobe Premiere files for video editing.)

Stella Holt: Digital Assistant


Write Your Own Adventure:  Middlebury Magazine Online Edition

‘J-term’ expands students opportunities: the Addison Independent

Peter Lourie

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