My Response to all your responses! HAhaHaHAha

…there are some who got a little pissed off about all this, because, among other things, Not everyone can have a book published and not everyone can be on television, but blogging is amongst the [edit] ways to present one’s work and ideas to the masses. Yes, I’m a flip-flopper [cut] but man…Who’s stealing from Whom»??? I don’t think you can be much more direct than Fuck you, Joss Who the hell has time for this, no one wants to see the these two agendas [edit] are [cut] incompatible.Okay, so maybe this is an exaggeration, but money needs to be made. I stand by it as my opinion. We are holding the industry hostage.

I’m guessing this makes as much sense as some vids without seeing their source text. I’m not sure if I, the author, see any coherence in it either, but I thought it would be fun to steal a little bit from all of you and unify you and make you me.

2 thoughts on “My Response to all your responses! HAhaHaHAha

  1. Brendan Mahoney

    This is brilliant. I think this post brings up a valuable point about ownership in remix videos, in that I might have written the words “Who the hell has time for this …” but I shouldn’t claim ownership over part of your material. This is where practice and common sense clash with current law in today’s world

  2. Jamal Davis

    Genius, well done my friend. I really like your creativity. It’s great to see how you remixed our works and made them into soemthing else. I agree with you in terms of not completely knowing what the end message is here but I think that it can be interpreted in many different ways.

    Also, thanks for citing. As you have left the links live to our blog websites. I think this serves as a good citation method. It will also drive people to the original source of each of our works. This is where I think that people in the industry need look. If a remix video is good, people will want to seek out the original material and watch it.

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