I was very impressed by the projects that came out of this assignment – especially in the variety of techniques and aims used to articulate different interpretations of already existing material.
The Scott and Leslie took a precise approach in constructing an entirely different narrative out of disparate parts of the show – playing with time, characterization, and syuzhet – resulting in an entirely new and unique fabula. Louisa and Ioana’s re-interpretation of Stranger Than Paradise focused on the pacing – and by using a more rapid succession of dialogue and images, managed to created a sense of urgency in the character’s motivation and the plot structure – heightening the tension between the three characters and escalating the stakes of the plot.
I found Aaron’s re-narration of the first five minutes to be thoughtful and well executed. Equipped with the entirety of the series, Aaron synthesized an opening sequence which more holistically represented the various components and facets of the show – and as he says – teaches the viewer how to read the show and the way in which it is weaved together.
As I mentioned in my process blog about this project, I think that removing the established layer of the conventional storyworld is very informative about the text – just as taking apart a machine makes its functioning less mysterious, more comprehensible, and gives you more respect for the construction itself.


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