In the strange and rather arduous process of re-narrating Simple Men, I have found that the imagery of a movie, when re-arranged like puzzle pieces, can produce some very profound juxtapositions. The thematic echos of framing, composition, and audio refrains become distilled and illuminated in the re-arrangement of parts. The persistent presence of newspapers – women framed like paintings hanging on walls – the catholic school girl fantasy and the nun all comprise a language of subconscious manifestations of trouble and desire.

We had some frustrating technical hurdles, but in the end, peppered with some rather cheeky affects, the video strives toward a narration of the subconscious of a movie’s very brain – the visual language. A movie’s skeletal structure has several layers which mirror levels of consciousness. The metaphorical undertones of a well crafted film are like the associative layer of the brain – the dreamstate. When all the layers of story structure are stripped away, there lies a subtler language of imagery interacting with sound underneath – the language of A Simple Man’s Dreams


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