I have trouble with labels. I have trouble with people who try to use labels. I have trouble with the things that are labeled. I have trouble with distinguishing what is a label in the first place. I just plain think that labels are trouble. Especially when they’re reductive and don’t accurately represent the things […]

Meta Bad

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When Simple Men¬†began, I waited with amusement, sure some kind of reveal would unveil the first scene to be a bad movie within the movie. But soon thereafter, I let go of this gut response and gave into what turned out to be a superb bad movie.¬† But what does bad mean, in this context? […]

Apparently there are a total of 67 shots in Stranger Than Paradise. The titles that punctuate the film’s transitional moments underscore the thematic material of the movie (ie. “The New World”) and others simply glide us a year ahead in time. But there’s no excess here, no fancy editing tricks or slick effects. It is […]

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