More Final Paper Ideas

My second idea came during last class after JJ’s comment about “who” narrates in Barton Fink. Realizing that the narrator in film is always plural because it entails so much collaboration in different areas, I find the auxiliary ways in which the camera tells a story to be particulary interesting. Similar to the shooting style of the Sixth Sense, I think it is entertaining to investigate how shots are arranged or which types of shots are used to present certain ideas. For instance, in the restaurant scene which we discussed after watching the Sixth Sense, the camera hides the wife’s “unknowingness” of Bruce Willis through a panning shot from behind her seat, instead of an eye line match which generally acknowledges someone’s arrival. This type of shot conceals the real fabula which the audience and wife are unaware of at this point in the film. In following this idea, detective movies might be particularly interesting to discuss. Immediately, the reading in Bordwell about Rear Window comes to mind, but I think any detective movie could do, especially Hitchcock films. Hopefully one of these ideas can be developed, and I would appreciate any help or direction anyone can provide.

picture of a man with a camers



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