Midd-IV Christian Fellowship – Events Week 4

TUESDAY 10/2/12:
9pm Hepburn 217
C-Night: a time for the ladies of Midd-IV to get together and enjoy some down time over Christ, chips, cheese, crackers, cookies, chocolate, cardboard, clogs, etc. Come and stop by for a study break!

WEDNESDAY 10/3/12:
2:45pm BiHall 641
Matthew (Prof.) Dickerson’s Bible study on Nehemiah — will focus on something that might be called “spiritual battle”–the ways one will face opposition when seeking to further God’s kingdom, and how to respond to it. **Alternative date TBA for those who cannot make this time. Same topic will be discussed.**

6pm Ross Fireplace Lounge
Dinner: Super informal time to enjoy a meal together. Stop by, bring friends!

8pm Senior Lounge in Ross Tower/Hadley
Freshmen Bible Study led by sophomore students.

THURSDAY 10/4/12:
8pm Carr Hall
“The Source”: The Central gathering place of Midd-IV! Join us for a time of worship, prayer, scripture study and discussion in small groups, and fellowship! This event is open to all so bring your friends!

FRIDAY 10/5/12:
8-10pm Atwater Suite ABE
Prayer: Worship, prayer, and teaching about how to intercede for the sake of the campus!

10pm Atwater Suite ABE
Prayer AFTER PARTY: Stay after prayer or just come in at 10pm to hang out with games, snacks, a projected movie? Who knows unless you come!!

SATURDAY 10/6/12:
11am ~ 3pm meet at ADK
Snake Mountain Hike. Weather permitting, we will go and hike Snake Mountain! Catch up with friends/meet new people, see the foliage, and enjoy the awesome view. We’ll pack lunch and eat at the summit. Please RSVP to vbigay@midd by Thursday if you are interested in coming.

Things to keep in mind!!!

*   Fall Conference: 6PM Fri Oct 28 – 1PM Sunday 10/28. Take time away from busy campus life to explore the messy faith of Simon Peter, one far-from-perfect student of Jesus. Whether you’re exploring Jesus for the first time or have been on this journey for a while, you and your friends are invited for two days of asking big questions and finding real answers. (With schools from VT, NH & ME – and our awesome staffer Caleb!)

Wednesday 6PM: Informal dinner at Ross Fireplace Lounge.

Thursday 8PM: “THE SOURCE” @ Carr Hall (small stone building across College street from Munroe, in the corner between Battell South and Forest). Worship, vision-casting, and prayer.

Friday afternoon: Visit Midd-IV’s booth at the Activities Fair! Bring your friends.

Friday 8-10PM: Prayer in Atwater Suite ABI (building A – closest to Coffrin, entrance B – middle, suite I – floor 2 on the right).


Stewart: Monday        9 pm Stewart Conference Room
Battell: Tuesday         9 pm in Basement Lounge
Ross:  Thursday         9:30 pm in LaForce Senior Lounge
            Wednesday     7 pm in Ross Senior Lounge (Freshmen Based)
Allen   Saturdays       12:30pm in Ross Dining Hall and moves back to Allen
Wednesday 6pm: Come for dinner in Ross Fireplace Lounge.
Thursday 8pm – Forest East Lounge: Source (Large Group Meeting) We will be working together as a community throughout the semester to learn more about Jesus. This week we will be sharing what our community groups are up to and discussing what is really means to confess.
Friday 7:30pm – BiHall 641: Course on Apologetics (defense of the faith) Professor Dickerson will be leading a discussion on Is it Reasonable (and Important) to Believe in the Resurrection?”

COMING SOON: Small Groups

Starting by next week, there will be small discussion groups in Ross (2 groups!), Allen, Battell, and Stewart. Topics will vary by group, but will include Power and Powerlessness and Service. These groups are designed to be accessible and engaging no matter what your spiritual background. Look for more info to come!

Wednesday 6pm Dinner

Ross Fireplace Lounge – Everyone loves food…and we love you. So come enjoy both!

Thursday 8pm Source (Large Group)

Forest East Lounge – A time to gather, share, pray, and worship as a community in order to know more about who Jesus is.

Friday 10am Prayer Walk

We will meet at Carr Hall and walk through campus, asking God’s blessing and grace on Middlebury College

Friday 7:30pm Course on Apologetics

BiHall 641 – Professor Dickerson will be leading a course on apologetics (defense of the faith). All are welcome!


THURSDAY – THE SOURCE, 8PM Forest West Lounge – WELCOME (BACK)!!! Febs, Freshmen, and Friends (ie. everyone!) are welcome for snacks, games, and chatting as we kickstart another semester. CHALLENGE: Bring 2 people with you (1 of which should either be Feb or Freshman). Go, go, go!

FRIDAY – KRUP INFO MEETING, 3PM – Coltrane Lounge – Gather as a group to prepare for the Spring Break ahead of us. We will go over fundraising and other details for the trip. KEEP ENCOURAGING YOUR FRIENDS TO SIGN UP!!!

FRIDAY – SATURDAY – SPRING PLANNING RETREAT, 5PM Friday Departure and Return by 5PM Saturday: At our only and final Source of J-term we asked to pray for God’s vision for this campus. We will be VISIONING, PLANNING, and TRAINING to fulfill HIS plan for this spring at the home of our faculty advisor (5-7min. from campus). Please contact kpett@middlebury.edu if you plan to come. We also need drivers.

  • Tuesday  5:30pm Bread For The Journey : Freeman International Center (FIC) Annex with College Chaplain Laurie Jordan (a time for prayer, song, and a simple meal in the Christian tradition).
  • Thursday 6pm : Dinner Together @ Ross Fireplace Lounge
  • Thursday 8pm : Source @ Forest East Lounge : Celebrating God’s Work – A time to share about our experiences from the Community Justice Groups, look ahead for Spring Term and sing songs of worship !!!!!
  • And there is still room for KRUP (Katrina Relief Urban Plunge) and the new deadline is February 17. Join a growing movement of 30+ Middlebury students who will spend their spring break in New Orleans, serving low-income neighborhoods that were exploited and ignored in the recovery effort from Hurricane Katrina. E-mail asawamura@middlebury.edu to register before he leaves for Italy.

Theme: Where does injustice come from? Post your thoughts!

Summary: During week 2, community groups discussed the “sickness of the heart” that the Bible talks about. Groups discussed how people can be changed for the better, and we read a passage from the book of Matthew, chapter 7, in which Jesus exposes the religious leaders of his day who tried to make themselves good through following all the rules, yet all their rule-following could not heal the sickness of their hearts. Jesus’ message is unique in that he identifies injustice in society as something that stems from something broken within humans. Groups also discussed a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in which Dr. King discussed another of Jesus’ stories. This time, Jesus tells a religious leader that he must be born again, that is, his whole structure must be changed. He can’t make himself good by following rules, but there must be a radical inner transformation that occurs to heal the sickness of the heart. In Jesus’ view, there is a connection between injustice in society and the condition of the human heart.

Summary of Week 1:

“We might think that the images and language we use to frame those who live encumbered by injustice are more or less benign… What I am arguing, however, is that evil arises from the seedbed of our heart and goes on to misname the world, letting injustice exist “out there” while we go on seeing and naming the world in ways that serve our interests…

Meanwhile, others suffer while we look through scratched lenses, or shutter our windows and don’t look out at all. We then frame our perceptions, blindness or dispassion with words that sustain patterns of injustice and leave us feeling free from any real responsibility. We write ourselves out of the story and thereby out of any relationship with the suffering of others. It’s our language game.”

Prof. Mark Labberton, Fuller Theological Seminary, From The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor

Examine this biblical text using Labberton’s quote as a framework:


Questions to ponder: To whom do we give the name “neighbor”? How does justice +/or injustice stem from the way we use language? In the story, naming justly led to restored life for the dying man; how might this practice bring life to our world? Who is in our “circle of ‘we'” and who do we label “them”? How are we experiencing Jesus’ challenge to name justly in life this week?

How is the project going? Share you thoughts, stories, and experiences! 

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