Community Justice Project Week 2

Theme: Where does injustice come from? Post your thoughts!

Summary: During week 2, community groups discussed the “sickness of the heart” that the Bible talks about. Groups discussed how people can be changed for the better, and we read a passage from the book of Matthew, chapter 7, in which Jesus exposes the religious leaders of his day who tried to make themselves good through following all the rules, yet all their rule-following could not heal the sickness of their hearts. Jesus’ message is unique in that he identifies injustice in society as something that stems from something broken within humans. Groups also discussed a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in which Dr. King discussed another of Jesus’ stories. This time, Jesus tells a religious leader that he must be born again, that is, his whole structure must be changed. He can’t make himself good by following rules, but there must be a radical inner transformation that occurs to heal the sickness of the heart. In Jesus’ view, there is a connection between injustice in society and the condition of the human heart.


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