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Lec 24: End of IPE

The End of IPE (Thur 3 Dec) Audio

Lec 22: Responses to Globalization

Responses to Globalization (Tue 24 Nov) Audio

Lec 21: Globalization in Perspective

Globalization in Perspective (Thur 19 Nov) Audio

Lec 20: Our Financial Legacy

What Shall we Bequeath to our Progeny? Our Financial Legacy (Tues 17 Nov) Audio

Lec 19: Global Environmental Politics

“Dominion over…the Earth”: International Environmental Politics (Thur 12 Nov) Slides / Audio

Lec 18: Population Growth

“Be Fruitful and Multiply”: Economic Development and Population Growth (Tue 10 Nov) Slides / Audio

Lec 17: Politics of Migration

Reactions to Migration (Thur 5 Nov) Slides / Audio

Lec 16: Economics of Migration

The Economics of Migration (Tue 3 Nov) Slides / Audio

Lec 15: After Bretton Woods

After Bretton Woods (Thur 29 Oct) Slides / Audio

Lec 14: Bretton Woods

The Postwar Bretton Woods System (Tue 27 Oct) Slides / Audio

The Decline and Fall of the Gold Standard (Thur 22 Oct) Slides / Audio

Lec 12: The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard (Tue 20 Oct) Slides / Audio

Lec 11: International Monetary System

The International Monetary System (Thur 15 Oct) Slides / Audio

Lec 10: Trade Regime Today

The Global Trade Regime Today (Thur 8 Oct) Slides / Audio

Lec 9: Postwar Trade Regime

The Postwar Trade Regime (Tue 6 Oct) Slides / Audio

Lec 7: Models of Trade Policy

Models of Trade Policy (Tue 29 Sept) Slides / Audio

Lec 6: Balance of Payments

Economic Constraints: The Balance of Payments (Thur 24 Sept) Slides / Audio

Lec 5: The Three I’s

The Three I’s: Domestic Interests, Institutions, and Ideas (Tue 22 Sept) Slides / Audio

Lec 4: Structural Theories

International Structures: The Distribution of Power and International Institutions (Thur 17 Sept) Slides / Audio

Lec 2: Classic Perspectives

Classic Perspectives on States and Markets (Thur 10 Sept) Slides / Audio

Lec 1: Introduction

Introduction and Overview: What is IPE? Why should we care? (Tue 8 Sept) Slides / Audio

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