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The Course

This course provides an introduction to the study of international political economy. In it, we will study the interaction between politics and the several of the major facets of IPE: trade, migration, and the international monetary system. We will also examine how scholars in a variety of fields have approached these issues.

This course is organized topically; although some necessary historical background will be developed during lectures and in some of the readings. After presenting the several different modes of studying IPE, the course will explore trade, migration, and the international monetary system in greater depth. It ends by considering a range of attempts to evaluate the global economy today.

This Site

This site contains all of the most recent information about this course. Students are required to read through the site upon enrolling in the course to ensure they are familiar with the course policies, assignments, and goals.

Any changes I make to the site will be distributed through RSS. Students ought to add the RSS feed for this site to the RSS reader of their choice–or, barring that, to check the site regularly for updates.

The Instructor

You can find further information about me, James Ashley Morrison, via my website.

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