In searching for the remix that I think is a good representation of what one is able to do to to create a different final product from a great original, I came across Obidiah Parker with a cover of Hey Ya by Outkast. I really enjoy this version of the song because it takes a rap song and turns it into a mellow “folk” swing. The ability to create an original product in a derivative way is interesting and showcases the possibility of creating new from something old. Though he is singing a song that he did not create, the two styles that the songs are in are very different and bring different feels to the table. Which is better??? Without the original, Obidiah wouldn’t be singing it but in reality I enjoy the twist that he puts on it. Sometimes I enjoy the remix better just because it is a creative way of thinking, being able to transform songs and keep certain aspects but reshape others. Sometimes I like remixes better just because it sounds better. As with the grey album, I think that it is a good representation of both and I like it because of the creativity and because I think that both of the originals sound better when mixed in the grey album. Remixes, remixes, remixes… whats coming next after audio, a video remix?!?! 😉

Facebook, twitter,, and every other website that I visit on a daily occasion are all part of one big picture… The internet. I decided to spend my week on break without it. Since I was staying with my grandfather, I felt that it would suit the occasion as well since it is something that he rarely uses other then to send an occasional email. I spent my time putting my feet up and just enjoying not having a book that I had to read. At first, there were the occasional “Oh I should check what’s going on on Facebook” and such. Realizing that I had made a pact, I just tucked that urge away and found many other things to do.

I strongly disagree with what was stated in the movie we watched where one of the participants said, “no computer… what am I going to do for fun?” I think that it is a sad portrayal of our generation and is actually not true for most of us. If someone were to say “no outside for a month” then I think I might say “No outside… what am I going to do for fun?”

During the week I found myself walking around outside and taking in what was in front of me more. I went on a few nature walks with my camera and took pictures. I went skiing (lucky me). I read a book that I hadn’t had time to before. I watched the nightly news instead of reading it online. I even wrote two letters to friends, which is something that I haven’t done in a long time. Not having the internet didn’t bug me very much and I actually found myself grateful to have an excuse to be banned from it.

Though I wasn’t as connected in the digital web, I think that it was a good thing. We often are too available and accessible and getting “off the grid” for a little while was nice. When I sat down to write two of my friends, I realized how much more personality there is in a letter then in a Facebook message or and email. I had to take the time to think about what to write and how to say it because there is no CMD+Z or Delete button once I put my thoughts down on the postcard. My handwriting was a part that spoke wonders about me. I cannot write in Times New Roman. As I got to the bottom of the postcard, my letters got smaller and my lines closer together because I still had a lot that I wanted to say. Everything about writing the letter felt to me as though they were going to appreciate the fact that I had taken the time and made the effort that much more. I put a “Telluride, CO” sticker in both of the letters, definitely something that is impossible with an email. Though I could have written the same exact message online that I had put down on paper, it would have been no different then any other wall post or email that they got. I took the time to look up their school addresses, went down and bought stamps, and then went to the post office to sent them out. I think that the end result is a product that is much more appreciated upon receipt. I know that somebody who writes me a letter really had to want to and had to carve out the time to gather materials and such as opposed to just clicking keys and sending a digital message into the electronic abyss by clicking send.

Back to the internet though, I don’t think that I would have been motivated to do these things if I had access to the web. When there was something that I felt like doing online, I though about what that activity stemmed from in real life and tried to go through that medium. It was very nice and put me more in touch with the tangible world in terms of activities I usually do on the internet. To tell you the truth I had NO lack of ideas of things to do that weren’t on the internet and am very glad that I was provoked into coming up with those! Though the urges were there because of the convenience and accessibility, I was able to withhold and find workarounds with maybe only 1 proxy experience during the whole week 😛

While going through my daily news online, I stumbled upon this article about Twitter at the South by Southwest conference this year. Having been announced to the digital world only around 3 years ago, it has definitely made its splash since then in many ways.

This year at the SXSW conference, being a big name that people are watching, they surprised some by using business cards made out of actual paper. As though paper went out of style and they were “bringing it back”, twitter employees used their “earthy brown” paper business cards to make their contacts. At a conference in which the point is to be able to “Bump” data from one iPhone to another or to send vCards with a persons information through a text message, it was seen that they were coming up again with a new (but oh so old) idea.

Company spokesman Sean Garrett said “This antiquated thing called ‘business cards’ is a helpful way for some of us to bridge our online and offline worlds with potential employees, partners and the thousands of developers who make Twitter applications”.
Twitter Business Card

Hope you enjoy =D


Wow… Chatroulette.  Something that I have seen people talk about on Facebook but only thought was the name of a french character on a TV show.  Before watching the video, I explored the website for a while to form my own opinion having no clue what it was.  I clicked the “Play” button which I think is kind of weird… giving it the beginning feel of a game.  Before I knew it, my face was up on the screen and that of another Australian man was right above it.  I waved, not sure whether he was real or not and he waved back at me.  I asked him what myself and he were doing.  He responded that “Chatroulette was only introduced to him today by his friend”.  I asked him where he was from and he said Australia and we talked about the time difference.  Knowing that I was going to use my first introduction as a beginning point for the thoughts I would formulate on the blog I asked what he had encountered so far.  He said “too many naked men”.  Having only chatted with this one guy so far I was surprised and hadn’t even thought about the fact that anybody with a webcam could do whatever they wanted on this site.  After saying goodbye and good luck with the rest of his military service, I hit my first next button.

I was then barraged with about 8 different screens in a row.  1 girl, 1 naked man, and about 6 guys that looked either creepy or like I was NOT what they were looking for.  For about 45 minutes total, I surfed around talking to random people.  I met 3 french girls all in the same box and ended up talking to them for about 20-25 minutes.  Who would have thought that from my dorm room, I, Hunter Nolan, would spend my evening talking with french ladies 3,000 miles across the globe.  Something that is 1. random and 2. impossible without the modern technologies we have today.

More barrages of “User disconnected, trying to find you a stranger” hit me and I too felt the same way as did the man in the posted video, almost offended by peoples quick judgements and nexts.  Not to say that I didn’t click next a bunch of times too, but when you have a 2 megapixel picture of someone, I guess you are forced to judge a book by its cover.

I think that Shirky would be a big fan of this website if it had a more organized fashion to it.  It could be better in that people could click on groups that they are interested in and they could be re routed to chatrooms or “chatpools” in which other people are talking about art or film or african animals etc… really whatever you wanted.  In reality I think that most guys on there are looking for a free show or to find someone that is just as bored as they are.  I found the facts that it is filled with about 71% boys and less then 25% girls to not be very surprising.

I myself found it very rare to come across a girl on Chatroulette, and just like most of the people that saw Genevieve, usually stopped to see if they were interested in saying hi.  I also found it weird that I was relieved by the sight of a girl, it was like finding an angel in hell.  Sometime you are not enthused by what pops up, sometime just shocked or disgusted, and sometimes excited when someone pulled together/interesting comes across.  It was also a relief when somebody on the other side had day light or even just real light as opposed to being dimly lit by their computer screen while they lay in bed.

All in all the website is a very interesting concept and I feel that it will definitely be built upon and expanded in time.  There is a draw of, this next person is going to be different or great and sometimes its true and sometimes it couldn’t be more opposite.  I hope that they clean it up a little bit and possibly turn it into more of a think tank type of experiment where collaboration and cooperation of ideas could be more of a focus.

When thinking of what to edit, a million things came across my mind.  I would check to see the articles about them and what I was thinking about adding was already there in more depth then I even knew about.  It is amazing that we have a source of information as vast as this one.

I think about what I would have done 50 even 10 years ago if I wanted to know about who the leader in Uganda was.  I would go to my local library on my bike maybe even in my Firebird and go look through the Encyclopedia for the information that I wanted.  Not only would it have to be something that I REALLY wanted to know because of the effort and time needed to procure such information but it is also not up to date with the day that I would be living in.

With Wikipedia, the ability to attain information not only in a quick and efficient manner but also to get the newest and most “up to date” information is also possible.   I put up to date in quotations for one reason, that is the fact that if I happened to go the the Uganda page a few milliseconds after somebody put say Conan O’Brien up as the leader of the country because he said so, I have no way other then common sense to know that it is a lie.  Granted there are moderators and  post masters and admins etc. that control what does and doesn’t stay but if I were to read that and take the websites word that Conan was the president before someone changes it, I have now filled myself with false information.

This is the best and worst part about Wikipedia is that everybody that knows anything about anything is able to share that and have others read about it.  I myself put up a post about how Ableton Live (a program that few know [other then Torren!]) has interfaces that are dedicated for use in it’s interface.  I happen to know about this because I own one of them and have been fiddling around with it for a while.  Though I joined the ranks as a Wikipedia editor, I felt somewhat insignificant in my post.  Sure, I am adding to the ever expanding library of information on Wikipedia but in reality who is going to see it?  I will never know.  I hope that my post inspires someone that had no clue about it to go out grab one and become the world’s next biggest DJ.  All with unknowing credit to me.

The lack of a filter that this “encyclopedia” uses is much much much different then the one that Encyclopedia Britannica uses.  Once again, both a blessing and a downfall.  I hope until then that my entry in the online encyclopedia we call Wikipedia gets built off of and edited so that I too can learn about things I thought I knew all about.Screenshot;contentBody

Cool article CBS did about the Good and the Bad of Wikipedia (they also bring up the Stephen Colbert “contest”)

Having been in this class for only a month now has really opened my eyes to things that I would usually never seem to notice when browsing the internet. I really wanted to watch the Olympic USA vs. Canada game today on NBC. One option comes to mind, watch it on TV. Having too much work, I had to sacrifice the historic match to get my reading and other work done. I tried to find an online stream so that I could take a glance at the score every once in a while but was not successful. Over here in Axinn, I have been working but also found a LIVE blog of what is going on in the game. Already, three times while writing this post I have gone back to the blog to click refresh to see if USA has come up from our 1 goal deficit. I just tweeted this in hopes that maybe I can brighten some other peoples study days up with a little bit of news from the battlefield in Canada. I have also picked up on how there are “Share This” links on just about every article of every page that I visit on the internet now. I never really used them but am now seeing that if I had a “list” in twitter of friends that really enjoy photography, I could easily tweet them when I find new technologies or devices while browsing. The ability to “Share This” used to be about copying the URL, pasting it in an email, and sending it to someone whoe would be interested. Now its more so choosing which ones not to share because it is so easy to click the little tweet button on any article on CNN or the entry page for a free Caribbean Cruise giveaway. Everything is becoming more of a web that we are all entagled in. (in a good way in my mind). I was going to delete my Twitter immediately after the class ended but I’m thinking of reassessing that decision. USA still down 2-1 with 5 minutes to go, lets pick it up boys.

In the past few months, I started to get interested in mixing music and trying to mash different artists together into one track. In doing so, I started completely from scratch. I found myself being sucked in by the world of infinite options in what sounds are possible.

In not knowing anything about the technology behind all of this whole new world, I had to find a way to learn. I picked up a book about how to use a program that I’m now using called “Ableton Live”. I found though that when using the medium of a book there is a lacking aspect of being taught in the same medium that you are using. When reading a book, it feels more as though I have to “filter” the information through and then convert it in my mind onto the screen.

Of course reading works very well for learning new things but I thought about what other media would work better for fluid learning. The podcast Audio Tutorials popped up when I searched “Ableton” in the iTunes store. Here for free, I have been able to download as many of the 18 different episodes that they have uploaded. Some are videos combined with an audio track of step by step instructions in how to do different effects, construction of beats etc.

By using these, it was much more like I had someone who knew what they were doing teaching me step by step as opposed to reading something then trying to find on my screen what it meant. This is something that is impossible to attain through using paper as a transfer for information.

I think that the fact that anybody who knows something about anything is able to post a podcast as though they are an expert on the subject is also kind of scary. I mean I look at this podcast and immediately have a feeling that I am learning from a master of the program. For all I know its some college kid in Denver who has just fiddled around with the program more then me. Either way, free information that I am able to download onto my computer and take anywhere is quite handy. When I BUY a book, I have 1 book that I can put in my bag. I am able to share this podcast seamlessly through facebook or twitter by clicking a different part of the button in iTunes that says “Get Episode”. The virtual reality that we all live with and in everyday is something that has exponentially increased the speed at which we are all able to share information and learn from it as well.


In reading Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody, there were many things that he points out that should seem obvious but that I never really take the time to think about.

In reading Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody, there were many things that he points out that should seem obvious but that I never really take the time to think about.

About a month ago, I sold a friends laptop on eBay. Since it is a “digital transaction” it requires communicating only through email and such, you actually aren’t able to obtain a phone number without filling out a form etc.

I sent the man the laptop after receiving the funds in my Paypal account. About 6 days later, he opened an “Item Not Recieved Claim” through eBay which notifies Paypal and puts my money on hold. I emailed him the tracking number and by that time he responded he told me that there was nothing to worry about since he had received the laptop later that afternoon and that it was “Better then expected!”.

Upon that I waited for him to close the claim (since my funds were now being held hostage by Paypal). This guy knew the system and didn’t close the claim because I hadn’t sent it with Signature Confirmation. In the small print that we all just click “I Agree” to when signing up for any website, it says that a signature confirmation is required for any item over the cost of $500. Basically I got scammed out of the $500 and he got the laptop and Paypal couldn’t do anything about it.

While reading the opening sequence in which Shirky talks about the girl who had her Sidekick taken from a cab, I felt as though I was the same type of victim to someone knowingly scamming me and being fine with it. When her friend started posting all of the information about her address, number, and everything that he could get his hands on it reminded me of my troubled transaction with “Quddos2009” on eBay.

I exhausted all of my options with trying to get him to be honest, having Paypal give me the money back, and it wasn’t worth hiring a lawyer to take the guy to court. I instead realized that I had enough information about him to do some serious revenge if I wanted (I didn’t but wanted to Spam his Inbox or something annoying). My friend joked that we should just go online and sign him up for every coupon website and click every “yes, please send me updates, newsletters, and promotional material” that we could.

The fact that people rely so heavily on e-mail inboxes and their online sources of communication opens them up for digital terror. There are websites in which you can put someone’s email address in and it will send them about 1,000 emails a day making it impossible to sort through and find the meaningful ones. Once again, I did not do it but would be lying if I said I didn’t check to see how easy it was.

The point that I am trying to make in this look at our digital lives is 1. What are we actually saying yes to when we click I agree without reading the terms (does that give away our ability to operate on morals as opposed to what is right and wrong?). 2. Use signature confirmation. 3. How much do we actually know about how much information about ourselves is accessible and how safe it is to throw ourselves into this virtual world that we call the internet?


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I found this blog a little while ago while searching for tricks of how to do color correction for footage in Final Cut. It appeared to be just some guy who knew a lot about animation and the sort but it ends up that he has been involved in making some of the opening sequence for the Conan O’Brien show. I found this video that he posted of every photo he took for that to be very interesting.

I have since seen different contests and fun projects that he challenges others to do for recognition on his website and prizes. I think that the medium of the blog that he chose to use really lets others learn from what he is doing and all of the tutorial videos he has posted. I personally do not do much animation but love watching the cool effects that people who do are able to create. This is a great place to learn about after effects and other post programs like that. Hope you enjoy as I do!

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