Hey Ya it’s a Remix

In searching for the remix that I think is a good representation of what one is able to do to to create a different final product from a great original, I came across Obidiah Parker with a cover of Hey Ya by Outkast. I really enjoy this version of the song because it takes a rap song and turns it into a mellow “folk” swing. The ability to create an original product in a derivative way is interesting and showcases the possibility of creating new from something old. Though he is singing a song that he did not create, the two styles that the songs are in are very different and bring different feels to the table. Which is better??? Without the original, Obidiah wouldn’t be singing it but in reality I enjoy the twist that he puts on it. Sometimes I enjoy the remix better just because it is a creative way of thinking, being able to transform songs and keep certain aspects but reshape others. Sometimes I like remixes better just because it sounds better. As with the grey album, I think that it is a good representation of both and I like it because of the creativity and because I think that both of the originals sound better when mixed in the grey album. Remixes, remixes, remixes… whats coming next after audio, a video remix?!?! 😉

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    I love the Obadiah version!! awesome. I thought I had a remix by Ray LaMontagne… same idea, mellowed down slow version of the original rap song. But I can’t find it so maybe I made that up…
    This also reminds me of a remix Alanix Morissette did of “My Humps.” It’s a great remix for different reasons than this remix of Hey Ya!
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