Back to the Future.

While going through my daily news online, I stumbled upon this article about Twitter at the South by Southwest conference this year. Having been announced to the digital world only around 3 years ago, it has definitely made its splash since then in many ways.

This year at the SXSW conference, being a big name that people are watching, they surprised some by using business cards made out of actual paper. As though paper went out of style and they were “bringing it back”, twitter employees used their “earthy brown” paper business cards to make their contacts. At a conference in which the point is to be able to “Bump” data from one iPhone to another or to send vCards with a persons information through a text message, it was seen that they were coming up again with a new (but oh so old) idea.

Company spokesman Sean Garrett said “This antiquated thing called ‘business cards’ is a helpful way for some of us to bridge our online and offline worlds with potential employees, partners and the thousands of developers who make Twitter applications”.
Twitter Business Card

  1. Hannah Epstein’s avatar

    i’m glad people are “bringing back” the business card…. even though I don’t really believe it ever went out of style.
    Again, back to PAPER. There’s nothing like it. The ability to hold it, put it in your wallet, save it, find it again in a year crinkled up in the back slot, is stuff that doesn’t happen in the virtual world of the iphone and “bumping.”
    Does the action of the “bump” actually even matter? Or is it just a wireless transfer, and people believe in the “bump” and look like idiots for hitting their phones together?

    love the simple twitter graphic on the card. aesthetically pleasing.


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