ABLE to Learn. (Podcasting)

In the past few months, I started to get interested in mixing music and trying to mash different artists together into one track. In doing so, I started completely from scratch. I found myself being sucked in by the world of infinite options in what sounds are possible.

In not knowing anything about the technology behind all of this whole new world, I had to find a way to learn. I picked up a book about how to use a program that I’m now using called “Ableton Live”. I found though that when using the medium of a book there is a lacking aspect of being taught in the same medium that you are using. When reading a book, it feels more as though I have to “filter” the information through and then convert it in my mind onto the screen.

Of course reading works very well for learning new things but I thought about what other media would work better for fluid learning. The podcast Audio Tutorials popped up when I searched “Ableton” in the iTunes store. Here for free, I have been able to download as many of the 18 different episodes that they have uploaded. Some are videos combined with an audio track of step by step instructions in how to do different effects, construction of beats etc.

By using these, it was much more like I had someone who knew what they were doing teaching me step by step as opposed to reading something then trying to find on my screen what it meant. This is something that is impossible to attain through using paper as a transfer for information.

I think that the fact that anybody who knows something about anything is able to post a podcast as though they are an expert on the subject is also kind of scary. I mean I look at this podcast and immediately have a feeling that I am learning from a master of the program. For all I know its some college kid in Denver who has just fiddled around with the program more then me. Either way, free information that I am able to download onto my computer and take anywhere is quite handy. When I BUY a book, I have 1 book that I can put in my bag. I am able to share this podcast seamlessly through facebook or twitter by clicking a different part of the button in iTunes that says “Get Episode”. The virtual reality that we all live with and in everyday is something that has exponentially increased the speed at which we are all able to share information and learn from it as well.



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