Probably the most comprehensive list of videos that haven’t made it to DVD. Proposed new releases are in red.

New Yorker Films, one of the largest and most influential distributors of international films, is going out of business after 43 years. The story from Indiewire.

And The Onion’s AV Club weighs in.

UCal at Berkeley now has a YouTube site that combines video of courses, lectures, athletic events, and campus life.

Each month, the Criterion Collection curates a free online film festival on The Auteurs. January’s theme is Killer Movies: some great stuff, including Divorce Italian Style, Vengeance is Mine, and Deep Crimson.

The free website,, which contains records for over 30,000 films, tells visitors how they can watch the movie of their choice, whether at the cinema, on television, DVD, Blu-ray, online or by downloading it from legal websites. It also has an “alert me” function which tells the visitor when and where the movie becomes available.

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