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The Middlebury Hockey experience has so much more to it than simply playing hockey.  The goal of the program, and Coach Beaney especially, is to help players grow as individuals.  As Coach Beaney alludes to, the wins are nice, but the real success comes from growing to become better people through the relationships forged through the hockey program.  Relationships between current players, alumni, community, and coaches make for a large network of supporters. Alumni will be the first to say how much weight these relationships hold long beyond their college days. The actual hockey is a piece to a much larger puzzle that is the Middlebury Hockey program.


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     Teammates congratulating each other            Teammates celebrating a win


“It has always been extremely important for our group to be involved in the community.  The constant has been the support that the townspeople show for the hockey team.  I think part of that is that the students get out and are involved in community service.” – Bill Beaney


Such a large part of the Middlebury Hockey experience stems from strong support from the local and college community. Throughout the programs history, the local community has been such a constant supporter, becoming and integral part of the programs success. Unwavering community attendance at the games provides a unique and invigorating experience for players to compete in front of thousands.  This kind of support makes the hockey team more than happy to give back.  The team is eager to invest in the community through several community service programs. They are involved in mentoring programs at local schools including Ripton Elementary, Beeman Elementary, and St Mary’s School.  These programs give players the opportunity to hang out with elementary school students, offering them help with school work or a companion at recess among other things.


2013 Skate with the Panthers

The annual “Skate With The Panthers” event is a great opportunity for the hockey team to connect with the community as well.  The local community comes out in full force each year to participate in this enjoyable event.  Townspeople gather with their skates for the chance to meet the current Panthers, get autographs, and cruise around Kenyon Arena alongside their favorite players.  This is a great experience for players as well to have a meet and greet with their loyal supporters.  The players take great pride in the Middlebury Hockey program when they realize how much the program has to offer outside the hockey rink.  The long standing heritage of the hockey program relies and thrives off this relationship with the local and college community.2013 Skate with the Panthers

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Coach Beaney & a Fan   Senior Eric Zagorski signing an autograph

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