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1960-61 Hockey Team

The men’s hockey program has had tremendous triumphs over its ninety year history, but the ’60-’61 was probably the most dominant.  Its dominance set the standard for the current success under current head coach, Bill Beaney.  The team, at the time was coached by Duke Nelson, posted a record of 19-2.  These nineteen wins did not come against weak opponents; they came playing against bigger schools like Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and RPI.


    Game results for the 1960-61 Team


The Panthers dominated, averaging over nine goals a game, while their opponents were able to find the goal less than three times, on average.  Phil Latreille, the team’s leading scorer and eventual NHLer, still holds a remarkable seven NCAA scoring records.  To be the best, you have to beat the best and the ’60-’61 team was able to do just that.  However, it was not the record that led this team to success, it was the relationships formed.


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 1960-61 Action Shots


On the 50th anniversary of its tremendous season, twenty players returned to Middlebury for a tribute.  Twenty people dropped what they were doing and returned to Middlebury to celebrate something that was bigger than themselves.  They celebrated, with each other, a team that built bonds greater than any single individual.
1960-61 Team at 50th Anniversary, 2011


Hockey Off the Ice

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