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Hockey Is Born

Before the national championships and the NESCAC tournament, before the current high-tech equipment and training that current players use, it seemed as though there was just ice and players.  To be honest, there was not much else.  The early teams did not play the long, grueling schedules that current Middlebury teams play, nor did they have nearly as many players.  Hockey at Middlebury originated from humble beginnings.  For at least 150 years, Middlebury students have been playing hockey.


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           Sports Archive N.D                 Club Team in the 1920’s


In the 1860s, club teams began playing on frozen ponds located around campus.  However, it was not until about sixty years later (the 1922-23 season) that Middlebury formally competed against other colleges. Imagine a team that played without a coach, substitute players, or enough sticks to go around, while the goalie played with a baseball catcher’s mitt.  That was the 1922-23 team that lost all three games it competed in. In fact, the hockey team did not win their first game until the 1924-25 season, but after winning consecutive Vermont Championships in 1927 the sport was finally granted recognition as a minor sport by the athletic department.



1941 Hockey Team

History Highlights 

The Progression of the Ice Rink

Setting the Standard: 1960-’61

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