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“A student sits up and takes notice when you say you are from Middlebury College.” – Bill Beaney



Hockey Brawl versus Williams, 1969


The hockey tradition at Middlebury College has remained unchanged, despite many alterations to the rules, the arena of play, and opponents.  The high academic standards and relationship between the community and the hockey team have always been constants.  The program has always aimed to turn young men into adults that uphold strong moral and social values.  Since the humble beginnings of outdoor hockey, Middlebury hockey has flourished, as they moved into Nelson and eventually Kenyon.  The success of early teams, like the ’60-’61 team, set the standard for teams to come, a standard that would not consistently be met until the arrival of Bill Beaney.


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                          Sports Archive N.D               1971 Hockey Goalie

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