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In eighty-year history of the men’s varsity hockey program, the Panthers have enjoyed tremendous success, both on and off the ice.  The program has become an integral part of Middlebury College’s identity.  It has a plethora of fans, both students and non-students, which support the team no matter what the outcome of the game.  Hockey alumni list the lessons learned and friendships formed on the ice as their most cherished Middlebury memories.  However, the relationships are not constrained to the ice.  The team embraces the community as much as any other Middlebury team.


0984_001 copy mhockey06
                       1970 Hockey Team                2006 National Champion Team


The goal of the hockey program remains unchanged, as said by the current hockey coach, Bill Beaney: “We tell our guys: It’s all about building relationships.  It’s not the championship banner but the relationships we’ve established as we strive towards our ultimate goal.”  The program stresses individual moral and social development in a team setting.  By striving to achieve a common goal together, everyone is “successful.”  Beaney continues: “Wins do not measure success, it’s about life long lessons and using this platform as an opportunity to help instill values that are going to carry them through the rest of their lives.”  That could be why the team has reached national exposure and success on the ice.

0981_001 copy a10pfmcnb01-09-1942-01np
                      1967 Hockey Year                          1942 Hockey Team


The earlier Middlebury hockey teams set the standard for the more recent hockey teams.  The program had many great teams, but could not find consistent success.  After modest success throughout the 1960s through the early 1980s, the team flourished under coach, Bill Beaney. The team made its first NCAA appearance in 1995, after the NCAA ban was lifted from the NESCAC participants.  From that point the team has a record twelve consecutive NCAA appearances (’95-’07) and an NCAA record five consecutive national championships (’95-’99).  The team is eight-time NCAA champions and eight-time NESCAC champions in its history.



Tying Goal by Captain Chris Steele vs Bowdoin, 2012

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