First idea

The first idea for this paper stroke my mind as I was watching The three Little Pigs. I remembered a completely different experience of watching this film at a younger age. And how not, if then I could not understand the text in between each blow of the big bad wolf. I will like to research how children films are narrated and how they mange to incorporate reference for adults. I will like to focus on cartoons which were banned in the   1930’s like some episodes of Betty boob

Private Snafu and Coal Black and the sebben dwarfs would also  be interesting  examples to lookat. I will paste the description bellow:

Private SNAFU
The Private SNAFU cartoons were a series of army training films produced during WW2 and used to warn soldiers against potential strategic or hygienic hazards. (“SNAFU” was military slang for “SITUATION NORMAL: ALL F***ED UP.”) Produced by the Warner Brothers cartoon unit, these shorts were intended for viewing by the military only, so an unsuspecting animation fan will be taken aback to hear “hell” and “damn” frequently on the soundtrack, to say nothing of the references to female anatomy. Booby Traps (accent on booby) Spies, Operation Snafu, and Snafuperman also contain less-than-flattering interpretations of German and Japanese enemy agents.

Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs (1943)
A mammy tells her Honeychile the story of a very sexy So White and her Prince Chawmin, who has two dice for front teeth. The Prince courts So White, and they boogie by moonlight. The queen is upset, and calls Murder Incorporated to “black out So White”. They advertise that they rub out anyone for a dollar, midgets 50 cents, and “Japs” for free. The thugs kidnap So White, but drop her off unharmed, after being plastered with kisses. So White finds her way to a cave, encountering de Sebben Dwarfs. The dwarfs are all in the army now, and So White becomes the cook for the whole army camp. The queen disguises herself and gives So White a poisoned apple, then is dispatched by a shell fired by the dwarfs. Prince Chawmin’s kiss is unable to revive So White, but the “Dopey” dwarf succeeds. How? “Dat’s a military secret!”

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