The Singing Detective

What can I say….. I really enjoyed the first episode. I engaged figuring out what was going on in the mind of our singing detective. I was dazzle by the different layers of the detective’s psyche. I searched actively what were the links between the fantastic worlds and his persona. I found the syzueth very engaging, it left me actively wondering about the fabula. Furthermore, the events inside the hospital were funny and the musical quality to it worked very well.

But what happened with the second episode?
I felt it didn’t bring much to the table. The differentiation between the hospital and the novel is much more clear. This stops making me wonder about his psyche. Instead I understand the narrative like two parallel worlds one of his novel and the other of his reality. I was expecting another layer revealing us details from his unconscious, which would give us clues to understand his character.

This second episode was redundant, besides having that woman visiting him, we didn’t learn much about the main character. Does T.V have to be so slow and redundant? Perhaps one can start drawing parallels between the character in his novel and himself, but I expected a more complex presentation of his psychology and to be closer to him.

Let us see what the third episode will give to us.

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