Real Theater and Theatrical Life

First of all I must say that I really enjoyed both films with which we started this course. Stranger than Paradise and Delicatessen dig into human nature by using alternative cinematographic motifs to those of mainstream cinema. Hollywood has shown us reality through continuity, fast-paced editing and a conventional  socratic narrative set in a naturalistic world. These type of films wrap us in their story and don’t let us think beyond the plot.

Delicatessen offers us a continuous edition and a conventional narrative, (clear beginning, middle and end, development of characters who have a goal.. etc) yet it creates a diagetic world which make us presence human beings at their rawest. Delicatessen offers a non naturalistic diagetic world and theatrical characterization to portray the subconscious of society.

On the other hand, Stranger than Paradise offers a naturalistic mise-en scene. However, it is edited in a unusual manner. This film uses long takes in order to force the viewer to observe the extreme monotony and forces him/her to evaluate his/her own reality.

Neither film diverges extremely from the conventional narrative structure at a screen play level , yet through cinematographic motifs both films go beyond the plot itself in order to oblige the viewer to interact and explore what hides behind it.

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