Useful Links

The Schomburg Library assembled this far-ranging website on African-American migrations.
This site is a good complement to Jacob Riis’ How the Other Half Lives.
This museum explores the history, evolution, and future of high-rise buildings.
This site discusses the 1939 documentary, “The City.”
This site offers an entry into other sites about Frederick Law Olmsted.
The Mumford Center at the University of Albany presents reports analyzing the 2000 census for U.S. metropolitan areas.  It also has links to the American Communities Project and other useful resources.
This link explores racial segregation in America and offers a range of maps on many different American cities.
Marshall Curry’s website offers information about his documentary “Street Fight.”
This organization carries on the work of the famed urbanologist William H. Whyte.  Check out its list of the best and worst parks in the world.
This organization promotes New Urbanism.
The website of the national conference of mayors of the nation’s largest cities.
Outlines the philosophy and projects of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co.
Click on for the interactive display of maps of New Orleans and its recovery and reconstruction.
An interesting article on the benefits of big-city life.
Evidence of Old New York City.
Jane Jacobs died in 2006, and this exhibition explores her life and legacy.
Robert Moses has recently been the subject of much attention.  These new exhibitions offer a reassessment of Moses.
The website of Joel Garreau’s organization.  Garreau helped popularize the idea of Edge Cities.
Here is an article from ‘The Atlantic” on the consequences of homeownership.
A site for information on American

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