Message #2

March, 25, 2020

Dear students in history classes,

The department is working to transfer our classes online and I wanted to ensure all of you of our flexibility and compassion as we continue to teach the subjects and themes that we love. Soon after you “return,” registration for classes in the fall will begin in two weeks and the department has just created a new track in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology (HSMT) to start next year.

I know you are getting inundated with emails. We are too. You should continue to reach out via email if you have short questions or if you need information, but I wanted to encourage you to try out and get used to the new format of speaking to your professors through chats, canvas or other platforms that your professors will set up. Please do check in with them about their preferred method of communication. This will be a new way of communicating for many of you. You will make mistakes and so will we. As an effort to help you prepare, I have set up a google document for you to pose questions or concerns anonymously and confidentially. I will be the only professor with access to the google doc, although I may share the questions or concerns with my colleagues. This is limited to students taking history courses. The hope is to consult among ourselves and give you information that will help you through the end of the semester. We will try to answer them and then post it a FAQ document on the history department website.

Best, DJD