Annotating Texts to Deepen Meaning

CV Starr Professor of Russian & East European Studies Tom Beyer is no stranger to utilizing technology in the classroom. During the summer of 2013 Tom approached the digital media tutor program to see if we could assist with transitioning content from an existing Wetpaint site to another platform.

See the video below to learn more about the project and process involved.


PowToon Beta (adventures in animation)

Earlier this semester I was asked to participate in a presentation to discuss the work of the digital media tutors. Coincidentally I had also just stumbled on a web tool called PowToon that allows users to easily create animations. As is often the case in my workflow – I decided that I could both work on my presentation AND learn a new tool all at once! (Did I mention that I’m an efficiency freak?) Below is what I came up with. It was quite easy to put together and served its purpose well. Later in the semester I attended some multimedia presentations where a student had used PowToon to incorporate animations into her project. Her use was clever and smart and it convinced me that this is a tool with definite uses in curricular tech.