Small move #5: Student-centered course design using Canvas

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In this series of blog posts I’m going to share some of the small moves that were discussed during the online session Student-Centered Course Design Using Canvas. If you were not able to participate in the session feel free to follow along here as I share some of the activities and design elements that you can implement in class to amplify the connectivity in your class.

Small Move #5: Stop – communicate and listen!

Who isn’t overwhelmed by email? Did you know you can use the message feature within Canvas to message students and classes and keep those messages connected to their relevant course spaces? Consider this a way to create a built in filter system for communications that you would otherwise have to manage manually in your email client.

Learn more about Conversations in Canvas by reading these instructions.

Canvas also offers a chat feature that allows you to conduct an open-real time chat with class participants who are online in Canvas at that moment. This is a good way to foster interactivity in an online space and check in with students as they are actively navigating your course. Just keep in mind the chat is open for viewing for the whole class and the history is retained, so messages should be general and openly sharable.

Connected Canvas Topics:

Using Conversations as an instructor

Using Chat as an instructor

What does this look like to students?

To view this functionality from a student perspective contact me to be added into a course space designed to demo this feature.