Canvas Launch Initiative

When the College decided to transition from Moodle to Canvas as our learning management system (LMS), we knew that a unified communication and training plan would need to be put in place quickly. My role in this effort was to take the relevant information from the pilot and the most important communication points for the launch and aggregrate that data in one place. Hence our Canvas WordPress site was born.

I designed this site with the user in mind and considered what the most sought after pieces of information would be. The site included a section to request a consultation on Canvas, tips to avoid student confusion, ways to request help with migrating a Moodle course to Canvas, as well as a registration link for Canvas training sessions. The training sessions proved to be very popular and I was able to alter training content and presentation order based on the response of earlier training session (an example of putting formative feedback into action!).

As the transition drew to a close my next to final step was to transition any help info into our ITS Wiki so that content was fully searchable for users. Soon we will take the WordPress site offline as the last of our “transitioners” finish their migrations.