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Apply to be a Campus Sustainability Coordinator!


Who are the CSCs?Middlebury CSC Logo

The CSCs are a group of students enthusiastic about encouraging a culture of environmental awareness and sustainable living on campus. The CSCs work closely with the Office of Sustainability Integration to implement programs, put on events, and raise awareness about environmental matters on campus. Through training, workshops, and discussions, members of the group will gain the tools to be effective leaders in climate change and sustainability.

There are two head CSCs for each commons. This year, CSCs will also lead focus groups in the following areas:

  • Energy & Carbon Neutrality
  • Food
  • Recycling & Waste
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Community Outreach & Innovation

To apply, please email the following application to CSC President, Ali Rotatori (


Middlebury College Sustainability Integration Office
Application Form for Campus Sustainability Coordinator 2013-2014

Name: _______________ Email: _______________

  1. Explain why you would like to be a head CSC for your commons, or which focus group you would like to lead and why. Please include any passions, skills or interests that could add to the mission of the program. This includes any experience or skills relevant to the Campus Sustainability Coordinator position!

Keep your statement between 250-500 works please!

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