The 3Ds

The 3 Ds

When making the choice to step in, you have options. The 3Ds are the toolbox of the Green Dot program that demonstrate the variety of strategies you can use when making the choice to intervene. Saying no to violence is always the right decision and the 3Ds help you say no in a way that works best for you. The 3Ds are: Direct, Delegate, and Distract.



Directly inserting yourself into a potential red dot situation and stopping it by addressing those who are involved.

Asking someone who seems uncomfortable or unsure if they are ok.
Pulling your friend away from someone who keeps pushing drinks on them.
Telling your buddies that you think their joke about sexual assault is offensive.


If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable stepping in yourself, getting someone to intervene for you who might be more equipped or better able to handle the situation.

Calling the Department of Public Safety when it looks like a verbal argument might turn physical.
Asking your roommate to check on a friend who keeps missing class because they’re closer with that person than you are.
Alerting your CRA or Commons Dean that a hallmate hasn’t been in class lately and you are worried.


Defusing a potential red dot by distracting those involved and interrupting the choice to make a red dot.

Breaking up a heated argument by pretending you lost your key card and asking to borrow one from someone involved.
Accidentally spilling a drink on the guy who keeps forcing your drunk friend to dance with him.


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