Bystander Scenarios

Scenario 1

You notice a friend’s phone is blowing up with texts from their boyfriend/girlfriend. They look uncomfortable or upset by the texts. Their partner seems to be incessant about knowing where they are and who they’re with at all times.

Potential green dots:

-Check in with your friend and ask, “Is everything okay with you guys?”

-Text their partner and ask them to mellow out

-Distract your friend from their phone and talk to a res life staffer at a later time

-Talk to someone who knows their partner better than you and ask them to check in

-What would YOU do?

Scenario 2

You’re out with your friends and you notice one of them has gotten really drunk. There’s a guy that’s pushing her to drink more and more. He eventually asks her if she wants to go home with him.

Potential solutions:

-Tell your friend you need to use the bathroom and take her with you

-Talk to his friends and see if they can get him to back off

-Strike up a conversation with the guy giving your friend a chance to remove herself from the situation

-Trip and spill a drink on your friend and take her home to change her shirt

-What would YOU do?

Scenario 3

You’re walking back to your dorm and you see a couple that you don’t know very well arguing outside. It’s pretty heated and looks like it’s about to get physical.

Potential Solutions:

-Get a friend who knows the couple better to see if they’ll check in with them

-Pretend you lost your ID card and get one of them to let you in

-Walk up to the couple and ask if everything’s okay – suggest they should try to cool things off

-Call Pub Safe and ask for help

-What would YOU do?

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