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Staff Meeting 11/11/12

November 12, 2012 by Anoushka Sinha

This week we were joined by our wonderful faculty sponsor, Pam Berenbaum, who teaches courses in Public Health Policy, Disaster Public Health, and Global Health. We began our meeting with the following announcements:

  • With a great turnout, we raised $454 from the a capella jamboree!
  • This year’s GROW internship will be a two-person team, Ryan Brewster and one other lucky chapter member. Get in touch with Ryan at rbrewster if you have any questions about applying!
  • With Hannah graduating and Ryan switching roles to GROW Trip Coordinator, two e-board positions need to be filled in the spring: Co-President and Co-Director of Community Building. We strongly believe that every chapter member is fully capable of filling either of these positions, so please don’t hesitate to apply!
  • GHI in Rwanda hosted a Thanksgiving dinner that served over 1500 people. Truly inspiring!

Then we transitioned to GlobalHealthU, for which the new topic was: You! First we did a silent writing activity, noting five things we believed to be true about human rights. Then we got into groups of six and shared our lists, followed by a discussion of the following questions:

How does what you wrote about human rights impact how you choose to live your life and the actions you take? What happens when someone has different views than you? Consider this question on a global scale.

Many groups discussed how different cultures have different definitions of human rights and the problematic implications of those diverging perspectives. We also talked about how controversial defining human rights can be even on American soil, particularly with regard to health care policy. After our small group discussions, two people from each group cycled to the next group and shared what they had learned.

Next we moved on to campaigns: we finalized plans for our Two Brothers event (GlobeMed Goes Red), briefly touched on our Holiday Giving Campaign, and brainstormed ways to educate our campus on World AIDS Day. Ideas included: infographics, a FaceBook cover photo that we could all use, big posters put up around campus, chalking sidewalks, making pins, red frosting on dining hall cupcakes, creating a FaceBook event, making a go/link, and–most interesting of all–using condom table centerpieces to share facts about how these simple instruments can help stanch the spread of AIDS.

Finally, we made a quick group video to our partners at GHI updating them on our recent and upcoming events and telling them a big “Murakoze” (thank you)!

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