My experience with technologies/medias is quite restrained I think. First of all, I had internet at home at the age of 15 only and my first cellphone at the age of 18 (this was a personal choice not to have one before). From the age of 11 to 15 years old, I used to spend time on TV, reading books/comic books, going to the cinema and listening to music. I had also a console and I used to waste a fair amount of time on video games at that time.
Then with internet, I did not exactly discovered a lot of new medias but enjoyed the same ones through this new medium. I spend my time surfing on news report websites (french and sometimes British or American), websites that stream all kinds of videos (dailymotion, youtube). I discovered also community softwares such as messenger, but little by little, they became the elements I am the less interested in on the web due to their actual uselessness in 90% of the situations I was using them. I enjoy the incredible resources that internet allows us to access. You can broaden your culture so much and read or hear from people all over the world that have interesting things to present.

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