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Final Project Remix video:

Due to an incredible serie of problems (software that did not work, problems of files’ compatibility) I had to give up my project on the virtual self. Instead, I propose a remix video- a medium that I find really interesting. Indeed, video images working with a specific soundtrack are a powerful mean to convey emotion. Music manages to instantly create a mood and its capacity to add another dimension to images is amazing. The video comes from the movie “The Fall”, I made this choice because of their incredible esthetic quality. The song is from the french electro band “Bonobo” that is famous for the etherial feeling you get while listening to their music. I find the match quite relevant and that is why I hope the remix works.

video game project:

remix video:

Mad Men Remix

Audio project:

audio project

Paper project:


The class format was ideal to participate during the discussions. I think that the points I made during the discussions aimed at bringing material for the debates.

I consider my blog’s participation as unsatisfactory as well as twitter’s because I never managed to integrate these activities in my everyday life. Also I think I did not match with the original format of this class that is to actively use these technologies in which I am interested to understand but I do not know how to make a good use of them. Overall, Middlebury’s emphasis on participation has always been a problem to me as I am not used to get involved at home institutions and it is not something primordial neither back there.

Nevertheless, I have learnt a good deal about new medias and the way they influence our lives and the projects were refreshing assignments I enjoyed doing. I think my projects always tried to work on the core of the subject, that is to say the medium in itself used for the project.


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