I quickly played “Façade” today and I must say that the concept is fancy but did not really interest me. It is quite fascinating and at the same time scary, to imagine that computers could recreate a human conversation. Hopefully, Façade fails in this task as I obviously tried crazy things right at the beginning and reached the limits of their “realist” speech abilities. I was surprised though that after a good five minutes of obnoxious behaviour, the guy decided to throw me out!
On my second attempt, I tried to steal the woman from her husband by helping the situation to deteriorate but suddenly I encountered a bug and I was locked outside the flat and could not go in anymore.
I don’t think I could have managed to accomplish my evil goal and therefore I am a bit sorry that the game sticks to conventional attitudes. Once again, I do not see the interest of having to play games that exactly copy our reality. It is so much more fun to be able to do something that we are enable to do in the non-virtual world.


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