World of Warcraft – Never again!

As I said a couple of times in class: I have sinned!…. I mean, I have played WoW and the demonstration of this afternoon comforts me in my choice to not play this game ever again. My main problem with it is its total uselessness in social life. People that have hobbies that are really time consumming have to sacrifiy for a period of time their social life but I feel that more people can relate to what they do than to a game like wow.

This problem comes from the fact that it is a virtual world and that all the time invested in it will improve your virtual life but your actual life gets only poorer. Some people are going to say “oh but you can play it in a more casual way and not spend too much time on it” but I don’t really buy this argument. You get really hooked up quite quickly in this game and your goal of obtaining more and more power will result in spending more and more time onto it. And to be weak in such a game means that you won’t enjoy 2/3 of the “end game” activities as other players will refuse to go killing this monster because you will be the weak element of the party. Moreover, the argument that consists in saying that you actually develop a social life in the game does not seem convincing to me as I never met someone that sort of interested me in this game. And even “I’m sorry I don’t know his name” told us today: “I’ve never met the members of my guild in real life”. So where is the social benefit here?

I am not spitting on wow players though, I have tolerance especially because I played it but I simply do not find any positive side in playing such a game.


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