Thursday, April 17

4:30 – 6 p.m.

Robert A. Jones ’59 Conference Room

The Tolerance Trap: How God, Genes and Good Intentions Are Sabotaging Gay Equality 


Dr. Suzanna Walters

Director of Women & Gender Studies and Professor of Sociology

Northeastern University

In her talk, Professor Walters challenges received wisdom about gay identities and gay rights, arguing that we are not “almost there,” but on the contrary have settled for a watered-down goal of tolerance and acceptance rather than a robust claim to full civil rights. Drawing on a vast array of sources both popular and more scholarly, Professor Walters demonstrates how the low bar of tolerance demeans rather than ennobles both gays and straights alike.

Co-sponsored by the Gensler Family Fund, the Program in Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies, CCSRE, and the American Studies Spiegel Family Fund


7 p.m.

Dance Theater, Mahaney Center for the Arts

Guerrilla Girls: Art in Action

Guerrilla Girl Frida Kahlo will bring to life the exhibition on view at the College Museum, Guerrilla Girls: Art in Action. Reception before and after the talk. Free!

Sponsored by the Museum of Art, Student Friends of the Art Museum, Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Department of History of Art and Architecture, the Director of the Arts, and Academic Affairs.


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