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Peer Evaluators’ Responsibilities

Peer evaluators should do the following:

(1) Using markup functions (e.g. Track Changes in Microsoft Word or Commenting in Adobe), annotate the presenter’s draft.

(2) Write a 1-2 page note addressed to the presenter. In it, do the following:

(a) Summarize the core ideas of the paper in your own words.

(b) Discuss the strengths of the paper.

(c) Discuss the areas in need of improvement.

(d) Think of the main issue at stake in the paper. Play the role of friendly critic to the presenter. How would you challenge the presenter’s arguments?

Come prepared to discuss all of these issues in class.

Discussants’ Responsibilities

As a discussant, you should read the article and the presenter’s argument reconstructions carefully. In 1-2 double-spaced pages, write a bullet pointed list, in complete sentences, that cover the following:

(1) Generate a list of questions and comments about the reading that will foster discussion. Wherever possible, provide page numbers. Possible questions that you might address include, but are not limited to:

(a) Which claims in the article were unclear?

(b) Which claims in the article seemed implausible?

(c) What kinds of examples helped you to think through these issues?

(2) Suggest improvements to the presenter’s argument reconstructions. Possible questions that you might address include, but are not limited to:

(a) Where could the presenter be more faithful or charitable?

(b) Where could the argument reconstructions arguments be tightened up?

(c) What important things did these reconstructions leave out?

Scheduling for Weeks 5-12

With the exception of our first presentation, here is the general flow of things:

 For Monday PresentationsFor Wednesday Presentations
Presenter reconstructs main arguments in article using class email Sunday by noonTuesday by noon
Presenter shares draft with class using class email Saturday by noonMonday by noon
Discussants submit questions to Presenter via email and on canvas.Beginning of classBeginning of class
Peer evaluators submit peer review via canvas.Beginning of classBeginning of class
Everybody else has at least one question for the reading and another for the draftBeginning of classBeginning of class