Looking forward: Due Dates

  • December 5th and 7th: Class Sessions = Transmedia Experience.
  • December 6th: Screening of rough draft of remixes
  • December 12th: 3-5 page paper on Transmedia Experience due via email
  • December 14th: Remix Final Versions and Blurb Due — both posted to blog
  • December 16th: Final Blog Reflection on Flickr due

U-Pick essay brainstorm/looping prompts

Digital Media-specific questions to consider as you brainstorm for your U-Pick paper.

  • What do you think is the purpose of the media text/interface you have chosen to explore? Who do you think it is directed at? What mood does it create? How does it address or construct its audience? (As a participant? A consumer? A passive viewer? A “viewser”?)
  • What meanings or values are communicated by your text?
  • What protocols can you identify? Who created those protocols?
  • Is your example a result of people using a digital interface as intended? If not, then how are people resisting or overcoming the limits of the interface or digital tools?
  • Does your chosen example compare to another example of digital media we’ve studied in class or in the readings, and if so, how is it similar and how is it different? What are the implications of those similarities/differences?

RL vs. Online

Class brainstorm on our associations of Real Life (RL) vs. Online

RL = clear tone, limited access to people, clearly share emotions, body language, all senses, established standards, serious/literacy

Online = Play with language, unlimited access, evolving standards, hard to read emotions, emoticons :O, text, punctuation

Question for the week (to mull over and to write about in your analog notebooks): In this week’s screening, danah boyd argues that we “write ourselves into” digital existence on Facebook. What has driven the choices that you’ve made in your self-representation on Facebook? And where does your experience of facebook fall in terms of the (supposed) digital vs. RL divide?

Class thoughts on Lessig (Free Culture & Remix)

Creativity does not (only) equal (/=) originality

that is, if we term originality making something entirely new from scratch, out of thin air (& is there even such a thing as creating from thin air?)

Creativity can also = transformation; taking something and building on it

Lessig argues that corporate interests does not need to be pitted against non-commercial, public interests

He advocates a “hybrid” economy, where commercial and non-commercial not only co-exist, but thrive together. Flickr is an example.

notes on course themes

Take 1, inspired by Where the Hell is Matt

Consumerism/Captialism (coexisting with) Connections/Connectivity/Diversity

unity/innocence (innocence of unity?)
united by momentary dancing and physical movement

Goofy can be inspiring, the individual becomes the collective/networked/global through (goofy/playful) imitation