Research and Resources [NEW]

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment collection of reports.  Includes full and synthesis reports on biodiversity, desertification, wetlands and health



CIEL collection of online reports on chemicals, climate change, human rights, trade, local communities, and sustainability



Collection of reports from 2005 – 2011, including charts, on the progress and implementation of the Millennium Development Goals.


UNDP 2011 report on sustainability and equity, and the human environment.



Agenda 21: comprehensive plan of action to address problems facing the natural environment globally (drafted pursuant to the 1992 Rio Conference)



Global Biodiversity Assessment Summary for Policymakers.  Since replaced by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.



UNEP Regional Seas reports.  Discusses reefs, deep sea biodiversity, mangroves and climate change.



ICRAN’s 2011 report: Reefs at Risk.  Includes downloadable charts and maps.



FAO 2010 – 2011 reports on: Food and Agriculture; State of the World’s Forests; State of the World’s Fisheries; Food Insecurity.



IISD links to reports on sustainable development, wildlife, biodiversity, chemicals, forests, deserts and land.


2011 Report on Forest Carbon Markets by Ecosystem Marketplace, taking a look at the environmental and economic benefits of privatizing forest goods.


2011 Report on Voluntary Carbon Markets by Ecosystem Marketplace.  Like the Forest Carbon Markets report, promotes a private sector, commercial approach to environmental behavior.



July 2011 step-by-step guide to building forest carbon projects.