The Dangers of Mainstream Environmentalism

We can all agree that as a society, each step we take towards greater sustainability is a good thing.  Slow our consumption of resources.  Recycle, when possible.  And support “green” behavior.  However, we should be very cautious about promoting green consumerism when it leads to outcomes like this: a corporation whose raison d’etre is based around extracting cheap oil for mass commodification and profit cannot meaningfully be said to be acting “sustainably” because they have acquired LEED certification for – of all things – a gas station.

If you look closely at the billboard in the photo of this article, you can see the slogan “A little better.”  I imagine it’s a “little better” for the Earth in much the same way being impaled by a spear with a diameter of 2″ is “a little better” than being impaled by one with a diameter of 2 1/2″

BP LEED certified gas station