Food, Feminism, and Eating Disorders

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I want to diverge from the blog prompt. In the Q&A after Eric Holt-Gimenez’s talk at the UVM Food Summit, he mentioned the importance of confronting sexism and racism implicit in the environmental movement, and especially the food movement. This comment was one of two during the day that earned immediate applause from the audience (the other being a proposal that higher education should be free). I want to use this as a jumping-off point to bring up an issue that is inextricable from food  […]

To hold in high esteem

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I vividly remember going to a family reunion lunch when I was in seventh grade and sitting down next to a cluster of women and men wearing traditionally Mennonite dress.  My dad had explained that the Mennonite family present farmed an area of land that belonged to a member of our distant family– I think they tended several traditional crops and raised cows.  I had always been interested in farms and farming, and had recently begun investigating possible apprenticeship opportunities; I sat by the Mennonite family with  […]

Cultured minds, cultured soil

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Until 1959, Middlebury offered a major in Home Economics. Wendell Berry would be both pleased and amused, I think, by this title – for as he says in a different essay, the word economics  itself alludes to the home: the root is oikisteis, Greek for “household” thus making the name of the discipline rather redundant. Should not the economy be small enough that the proper running of a household should infer the proper running of the larger system? He would appreciate that students learned important  […]

The soul of soil

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“They esteem farming as both a practical art and a spiritual discipline” On a NOLS Semester in the Rockies, I found myself surrounded by the most picturesque scenery I’d ever seen. The thing was, it was aesthetically overwhelming. It sounds strange to say, but there almost a surplus of beauty—the grass was too green, the alpine lakes too aquamarine, everything flawless and therefore somehow false to my eyes. Maybe it’s not so different from industrial agriculture’s overabundant and unnaturally “perfect” crops. In retrospect, it’s also  […]

Eating at Midd

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During the school year at Middlebury, I have felt considerably estranged from the kitchen. I’ve lived in Ross for about 2 years now and haven’t really made any effort to cook my own food. It’s difficult to muster up that motivation when you’re exhausted and there’s a dining hall a few feet away. I’m not the best cook and so I considered having others cook for me a blessing. But for the first week and a half of Foodworks, in which we had to feed  […]

Glamorous and Sexy

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So over Feb Break this past winter I went on a MALT trip down to this urban farm in a dilapidated New Orleans neighborhood with some friends. The owner of the farm was this 40-something year old opinionated guy who did not have health insurance or car insurance or a stable food or income supply but who felt very real compared to most people I meet. Anyways, he said a lot of things over the course of the week, mostly rants against the education system  […]

Live at Home and Serve Your Community

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My family is descendant from the German Amish immigrants who fled to Pennsylvania where they, in a turn of events that Berry would find shameful, went from traditional farmers to candy makers. Somehow, my mother’s family ended up in Minnesota before settling in New Hampshire but even that didn’t last; my mother and I moved four times before settling back in New Hampshire only to up and go again, finally settling in Vermont, where we have lived for the last 14 years. I still can’t  […]

Community Cookin’

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“They have maintained the domestic arts of kitchen and garden” This principle struck me because it reminded me of an experience that many of the Louisville interns had just last night. Carlyn works at Bernheim Arboretum, which we visited for one of our fifth days, and her supervisor, Claude Stephens, invited us over to his house for dinner on Saturday evening. Instead of having food prepared when we arrived, as has often been my experience at dinner gatherings, we arrived at Claude’s house at 5:30, picked herbs and vegetables from  […]

Blog Prompt #2

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Blog Prompt # 2 from Joe Franzen: Sustainability, Ecology and Economy: For me these summers of exploring the local food system while working the Fern Creek High School garden with my students, allows me to put into action many of the practices from the FoodWorks community, the local institutions, and the wisdom of Wendell Berry. I hope all of you are experiencing the same process of internalization of experience and the opportunity to make it your own in action during these weeks. Although Berry focused  […]

Gaby Lee

Jun 12th, 2014 | By

Gaby is an alum of the FoodWorks program returning as the assistant this summer. She is excited to continue being part of the program and learning even more about Vermont’s food system.