June 30th Prompt

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When I was abroad in Madrid, Spain, my friends and I celebrated Thanksgiving. What made this special was the fact that our differences brought us together. We were celebrating Thanksgiving in a different country and we were sharing a part of our culture to other peers from different countries. It was a bit difficult to find a whole turkey and all of the staples that we may be used to in the United States. However, this allowed us to improvise and make the dinner unique. This Thanksgiving became a sharing of different foods, and I enjoyed the process it took to accomplish this Thanksgiving dinner. We had Italian food, Spanish food, a homemade pie, a desert from Australia, baked asparagus, homemade garlic bread, turkey breast, Jewish cuisine, and some really great wine. We all met at my friend’s flat that she shared with other international students, we cooked and baked together, and explained what each of us did for this celebration. For those who had never celebrated, they shared with us similar holidays or how they ate with their families, and the image of Thanksgiving that they envisioned. The Spanish language brought all of us together. My fondest memories included cooking and watching how all of our different cultures and differences actually connected us. This meal with friends whom I knew prior and with people I met that day ended up being not only nourishing and nostalgic, but gave me a sense of community that was created through food.

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  1. Carlyn Vachow says:

    Hi, Mandy!

    Holidays like Thanksgiving are always different away from home and our normal routines. It is cool to read about how you and your friends were resilient enough to adapt the warmth of the holiday to your surroundings rather than resigning to the sadness of being away from family and in a country that does not celebrate Thanksgiving.

  2. Boonsita Kitikhun says:

    Hi Mandy,

    Your story reminds me of our summer routine that Ann and Rowan organized us a picnic almost every Sunday. It was a great idea to use food as a connection of people. I met new friends from other programs, such as Teach Kentucky and Bulldogs groups. Because we were from different places, we had shared a lot of stories about our schools, our classes and our internships. I would like to thank you Ann and Rowan to create this opportunity to allow my friends and me create the connection that might be benefit me in the future. 🙂

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