Week by Week Breakdown

New = Moving


Screening: Purple Rose of Cairo MCTR 6700D

September 6:

September 8:

  • Gunning, Tom. “An Aesthetic of Astonishment: Early Film and the (In)Credulous Spectator.” Viewing Positions: Ways of Seeing Film. Ed. Linda Williams. Rutgers University Press, 1994: 114-133. E-reserve.
  • Gunning, Tom. “The Cinema of Attraction: Early Film, Its Spectator, and the Avant-Garde.” Film and Theory: An Anthology. Eds. Robert Stam & Toby Miller. Blackwell, 2000. 229-235. E-reserve.


Screening: Selections from Edison: The Invention of the Movies [PN1993.5.A1 E3 2005]; Steamboat Bill Jr. [MCTR 7086D]

September 13th

September 15th

WEEK 3 *Sign up in class on Monday for individual meetings with me this week*

Screening: Prix de Beauté [PN1997.P7648 A1 2006D]

September 20th:

September 22nd:

  • Hastie, Amelie. “Louise Brooks: Star Witness.” Cinema Journal 36.3 (1997): 3-24. E-reserve.


Screening: 42nd Street [PN1997.F596 A1 2006 D]

September 27th:

  • Fuller, Chapter 4, 5, & 6

September 29th–no class session; I’ll be away at a conference.

  • Pattullo, Lauren. “Narrative and spectacle in the Hollywood musical: contrasting choreography of Busby Berkeley and Gene Kelly.” Research in Dance Education 8.1 (April 2007): 73-85.

Friday October 1st: Midway/Final paper proposals due (by email, header: AUD PROPOSAL)


Screening: Singin’ in the Rain [Browsing DVDs]

October 4th:

  • Fuller, Chapter 7, 8
  • Round 1 Presentations 1

October 6th:

**Thursday, October 7th, at 4:30PM  University of Chicago’s Samuel Allison Distinguished Service Professor in Physics, Bruce Winstein will speak on “A Cosmologist Reflects on the Work of Michelangelo Antonioni.” I encourage you to attend and to write up your thoughts on Antonioni, science, and audience address/engagement in your virtual notebooks.**

New = Digital


Screening: Xena 4.17 [PN1992.77 .X46 v.4 2004D]; Supernatural 4.18  [PN1992.77 .S847 v.4 2009D]; Supernatural 5.9

October 11th:

  • Fuller 9 & conclusion
  • Ross, Intro & Chapter 1
  • Round 1 Presentation 3

October 13th:

  • Round 1 Presentation 4


No Screening: Fall Recess!

October 18th: No class; Fall Recess!

October 20th:

  • Rettberg, Chapter 1 & 2
  • Ross, Chapter 2


Screening: Lawrence Lessig Wireside Chat [http://blip.tv/file/3283837] & Selected Remix Videos

October 25th:

  • Manovich, Lev. The Language of New Media. Cambridge: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001. 99-129. E-reserve.

**October 25th 6PM Magic Lantern Screening–details to follow. Please write up your thoughts on this experience in your Virtual Notebooks. This is a rare opportunity, especially in the context of this class! Since it’s such an exciting event, and so relevant to our class, this screening is required for the class.**

October 27th:

Friday October 29th: Midway Paper due by email (Header: AUD MIDWAY)


Screening: DIY 24/7/ [http://www.video24-7.org/video/vidding.html] & Selected Vids

November 1st:

November 3rd


Screening: Gossip Girl 1.1 [PN1992.77 .G6775 v.1 2008D]; 2.17 & 2.25 [PN1992.77 .G6775 v.2 2009D]

November 8th:

  • Round 2 Presentation 1
  • November 10th:

    WEEK 11

    Screening: FlashForward

    November 15th:

    • Ross, Chapter 4 & Conclusion
    • Rettberg, Chapter 4 & 5
    • Round 2 Presentation 3

    November 17th:

    Week 12

    No Screening—Thanksgiving Break

    November 22nd:

    • Rettberg, Chapter 6 and 7

    November 24th: Thanksgiving Break

    WEEK 13

    Screening: Webisodes: Battlestar Galactica “The Resistance”; Gossip Girl “Chasing Dorota” [web resources, links tba]

    November 29th:

    December 1st:

    • In place of reading, dig around & locate a fan work that you find especially compelling or unusual. Post this in your virtual journal with a brief note about why you chose it. We’ll explore your choices during our —>
    • Party!

    Wednesday December 8th: Final Papers/Project due by email; Videos can be submitted hardcopy to my office (Header: AUD FINAL)