Midway and Final Paper

Assignment: Midway and Final Paper [35% total (10% Midway, 25% Final)]

You will propose, research, and write a 5 page midway draft to be followed by an expanded 15 page final version on a pre-approved topic (discussed with me and submitted via proposal) related to the topics covered in class. This essay must draw on three to five readings from class, from a range of weeks, and must also involve some form of primary research, be it the analysis of a web site, the reception of a film or television program, or of local Middlebury early cinema exhibition history. You may build on the topic you began research on for your group presentation, or you may write on any topic of your choosing, provided I approve the proposal. You must incorporate feedback from the midway draft into your final paper.

You may also choose to fulfill your final paper topic in a non-traditional essay form; you may, for example, create a video essay, remix, website, or a script, with an accompanying 5 page written analysis connecting your creative work to the ideas addressed in the course. I encourage you to consider this option. If you choose this option, we will discuss an appropriate midway landmark based on the specific nature of your project.

We will meet individually during the semester to discuss possible topics and approaches, before you have submit your proposals for your final paper/project.


All essays must be written in 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, with 1 inch margins.

Reference your sources with full citation using MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting. A good guide for MLA formatting can be found here.