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The Montage vs. Long take Wars is on ongoing battle. As we approach the Day of Judgment — as to whether or not Montage or Long take will be crowned champion — we grow more and more nervous by the minute but realize we have grown knowledgeable of the film process. Our idea began with a revelation: bank robbery.  We decided the vicious cycle of humdrum overuse of montage in intense, suspenseful action sequences must end with our masterful creation. The second step in our adventure to create a masterpiece took form with the first meeting of the brilliant minds of Angie, Ben, Emily, and last but certainly not least, Thomas. The brilliance of us four masterminds intimidated us at first, but they managed to channel the fear into a competition to come up with the best idea. But despite a competitive intellectual atmosphere there was a 100% collaborative camaraderie that gripped us all.

After the story boards were drawn and the actors were prepared, we trudged out into the freezing cold with nothing but victory and greatness on our minds. As we taped the words “Town Bank” onto the large mahogany doors of Axinn Center, the red Prius gleamed in all its splendor, reflecting the image of the sun for all to see. Soon we were off, shooting every image we deemed appropriate for up 25 seconds or more. We pushed onward to scenes taking place inside a simulated vault where our very own Angie would pose as a stunning Bank Teller that was filled with fear while at the mercy of a furious robber. Soon we were done shooting all the scenes, long and proud and ready for the chopping block that was Final Cut Express.

Following the transition from the Flip camera to computer, we faced many trials and tribulations. Dealing with the fatigue and anxiety of the weeks passed and our near future, we quickly grew weary of the editing process. However, our determination and perseverance, coupled with our wit and skilled hand, would soon pour onto the computer screens of the Macs in Axinn 105. “Brilliance,” we shouted as we orchestrated the final steps of our journey. We celebrated, doing the Stanky Leg.



Oh yeah, then we uploaded it.