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Greetings! This is the first post in the new blog for the Film & Media Culture department at Middlebury College. I’m Jason Mittell, Associate Professor and Chair of the department, and I’ll be running this blog along with Francisca Drexel, departmental coordinator, and some assistance from other faculty and students. A special thanks to Aaron Smith, who designed the banner and helped configure the site.

The purpose of this blog is to share information relevant to our majors, minors, prospective students, alumni, and the broader Middlebury community. We hope to share career information like internship opportunities, film festival information, and announcements about relevant campus events. Even more interesting for the FMMC community, I hope to share links & embedded videos for relevant works, whether it’s a student project, an alum’s award-winning video, or a faculty publication. If you find anything online – or want to promote your own project – send the link and information to Jason Mittell or Francisca Drexel and we’ll post it!

So explore the links on right, including some alumni blogs, and stay tuned via RSS feed or compulsive reloading for some news, updates, and featured projects from Middlebury’s FMMC department.

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  1. Tim’s avatar

    Great idea, Jason. I’m looking forward to seeing what you post here in the future. And of course, thanks for the link on your blogroll.

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